KCam Software License



Important licensing information


$105 USD

License is Emailed


USA \ International


Max32 Board




$195 USD

Temporarily out of stock.

USA  S/H=$15


International  S/H=$45

(power supply not included for international orders)

Optical Encoder

  • Cable Length=6'

  • CPR=200

  • Bore= 0.250

  • Mount=Adhesive

  • Cover=Hole for shaft.

  • To be used with dual shaft steppers

  • Optimal for full step drivers but can be used with fractional drivers as well

  • Lead Time - approximately 2 weeks

$62 USD each

Future Product


USA  S/H=$15


International  S/H=$35

Please note that "power supply not included" means you must provide your own 9VDC 200 milliamp power supply. 

This feature is in place due to international shipping costs and to power supply source voltages for different countries.


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