Max32 is a USB stepper controller indexer. It was designed to be used by programs running under MS Windows.  Its frequency output remains consistent regardless of OS timing.  Commands are sent from a PC USB port to Max32. Max32 will send step, direction and enable signals to 4 motor driver boards. E-stop and limit switch signals are brought into Max32 to stop motion signals. PC software can poll Max32 for e-stop, limit and auxiliary digital input conditions. The auxiliary digital outputs (for relays) and analog signals can be set by the PC. For a complete CNC system you must supply a PC and 4 Stepper Motor S/D Drivers to interface with the motors. Max32 will not connect directly to the motors.

Key features include:

  • USB 2.0 Command link

  • 24 bit motion commands, 16,777,215 steps per motion

  • 77 Hz-120 KHz adjustable step rate with 1 Hz resolution axis motion

  • 4 Axis linear interpolation

  • Hardware linear ramping in 1 to 10 Hz increments (user adjustable)

  • User adjustable ramp up/down for fast sequences

  • 3K position command buffer for fast sequences of motion

  • Dual limit switch inputs (TTL 5 VDC) per axis

  • E-Stop input (TTL 5 VDC) for instant cease of all motion

  • Pause and restart of motion path

  • 6 auxiliary digital outputs (TTL 5 VDC) for relay control

  • 1 PWM Output (TTL 5 VDC, 9.77Khz Period, 0-100% Duty Cycle)

  • 1 auxiliary digital inputs (TTL 5 VDC) for monitoring

  • Quadrature encoder inputs for all 4 axis

  • KCam 4 compatible

  • Axis outputs: Step, Direction, Enable

  • Axis inputs: Forward Limit Switch, Reverse Limit Switch

  • Output frequency is smooth and consistent regardless of PC operating system load

  • Stable motion with any OS including Win95/98

The above specifications may change without notice.


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